As Palestinians living in the US, we know the importance of staying connected to our rich heritage, history, and culture and that is the reason we all joined this organization. We recognize the weight this movement holds and we are so ecstatic to have the opportunity to be part of it. We are proud to be a part of this spectacular and emerging group of dedicated people from Beit Sahour!

Beit Sahour-Americans are scattered across the United States. We have youth from Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Texas, Missouri, and California. Those that do not live by a large Sahouri community in the United States may feel isolated from others; and before this organization, we did not have a central institution to keep us connected.

That’s why forming this organization is more important now than ever, to keep us all connected to not only our roots but with each other. Unlike our parents, who were born and raised in Beit Sahour for the most part, some of us youth were born and raised in America. Although we may not have physically lived in Palestine, we still carry our Palestinian identity with us and represent it with pride.

Our Sahouri roots not only instilled resiliency in us but also a great appreciation of our culture. The deep history of our people gives a reason to work harder and give back. As the youth, our main mission is to empower one another, while also increasing youth participation in the organization and across the United States by creating programs, such as internships, mentorship, and networking opportunities to help connect professionals all across the country.

We are excited to begin familiarizing ourselves with our rich history, culture, and language. We hope to help amplify the voices of our Palestinian brothers and sisters living under occupation. We hope to shed light on the occupation, spread awareness, and bring justice and peace to Palestine. So we are calling all youth ages 13-40, and we welcome you to join us in this movement with Beit Sahour USA!