The City of Beit Sahour – Palestine

Beit Sahour is a Palestinian town east of Bethlehem under the administration of the Palestinian National Authority. However, the Israeli Occupation Authority still have almost total control over the City. The population of Beit Sahour approximately 15,000 is 80% Christian (most of them Greek Orthodox) and 20% Muslim. Christian tradition holds Beit Sahour to be the site of the Annunciation to the shepherds.

Since the Six-Day War in 1967, Beit Sahour has been under Israeli occupation. The population in the 1967 census was 5,380. The original Palestinian occupants are being driven out of the town, as the Israeli occupation continues. It is this continuing Israeli Occupation that is causing many of Beit Sahour residents to leave looking for better economic opportunities and freedom.

Beit Sahour is well known for its peaceful resistance to the Israeli Occupation, and for its unlimited support for the Palestinian resistance against the unjust Israeli Occupation. During the First Intifada in 1988 Beit Sahour staged a civil disobedience against the Illegal Israeli Occupation and paid a heavy price for this nonviolent resistance to the Israeli Occupation.

Beit Sahour economy is largely based on tourism and related industries. While the manufacturing of olive-wood carvings is the most important economic activity. Agriculture, hotels, restaurants, other tourist related activities and work in Israel also play a significant role in its economic activity.

Over the years Beit Sahour people developed a very vibrant community with many activities and well-established institutions. It is the close ties between the Beit Sahour family that keep all of us all around the world united in our support for our Beit Sahour.