Our Mission

  1. To strengthen and improve the interrelations among the people of Beit Sahour living in the United States of America.
  2. To strengthen and improve the relationships between the people of Beit Sahour and their descendants living in the USA and Beit Sahour people living everywhere else, especially those living in Beit Sahour, Palestine. Various programs should be established to keep ongoing contacts and cooperation between all Beit Sahour people everywhere.
  3. To educate the Beit Sahour people living in the USA; especially the younger generations, of their history and tradition. To instill and nurture our ancestral language, culture and heritage in the Beit Sahour youth living in the USA.
  4. To study the needs of our students and help them when possible. Exploring the possibility of starting “Students Fund”.
  5. To help the “Newcomers” in starting their new life in the USA.
  6. To establish an educational and charitable funds in accordance with Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1952.11- Any other goals deemed to be fit by the Board of Directors with members approval at their general annual meetings