Dr. Bashar Qumseya advice about Covid 19 Vaccine

Dr. Bashar Qumseya talking about COVID-19 and the vaccine! He provided a great advice about the vaccine benefits and sent a direct message to the Sahouri people in the US and in Beit Sahour.    

Disorders Caused by The Corona Virus led by Dr. Elia Awwad

Dr. Elia Awwad led a very informative webinar to discuss the disorders caused by the Corona virus on kids and adults. Dr. Awwad has a doctorate degree in Psychology and earned many certification in clinical mental health counseling. You can watch the workshop below

Youth Leadership

A great Workshop led by Dr. Mazen Badra titled “Youth Leadership- Being Authentic”. The workshop aimed to teach our young adults some tools and skills to how to become a successful leader.    

Ask Your Accountant

We had a great webinar led by Mr.Fadi Rishmawi, Mr.Saher Helal and Mr.Issa Ishaq to answer questions about the tax season and the stimulus plan.

Beit Sahour USA First Official Meeting

Beit Sahour USA – Michigan Chapter would like to thank you for attending our first General Assembly meeting in such extraordinary time. For those who were not able to attend or chose not to as precaution against the novel Coronavirus, we fully respect your decision and we appreciate you taking these steps to lower the […]