Michigan Chapter

The first successful attempt to build an organization for the Beit Sahour community in Michigan started during a planned Christmas Day meeting at a local restaurant in Flint Michigan in 1989. At that meeting the idea was developed and discussed. The legal work was underway, and the Arab American Beit Sahour Association was born. Due to distance travel, and lack of communications among other issues the Association became more concerned with the Flint area Beit Sahour community. At the early 1990’s we had a very effective and socially active Association. The general assembly meetings took place at Easter day dinner every year, executive committees elected, reports submitted, and association business discussed. Many activities took place such as picnics, parties, educational meetings, the monthly family fun meetings, Debka group, and Arabic language classes.

Helping Beit Sahour was always at the agenda. From fundraising, to sponsoring medical equipment shipping, helping the needy, supporting specific projects, and helping students finish their study The Beit Sahour Association was always there. The Association always stood by our people in Palestine and confirmed our identity as Palestinians-Americans. We had many visitors from Beit Sahour such as Father Ibrahim Ayad, Beit Sahour Mayor Hanna Alatrash and many others. By the end of 1996 due to mostly personal reasons the Association activities as an organized group ceased. Since then Many attempts to restart the Association were in the works for many years. During these years, many activities took place such as fundraising, picnics, parties, sporting events, Debka, and welcoming visitors from back home (Father Issa Musleh, Dr. Elias Iseed, Mayor Hani AlHayek, Bishop Attalla Hanna, and Mayor Jehad Khair). All these attempts lead to their fruitful conclusion in 2019 in formally establishing Beit Sahour USA in Michigan which in turn lead to the establishment of the National Beit Sahour USA in 2020.