Emergency Fund Account

The purpose of the Emergency Fund Account is to give one-time financial support to any of the members of the Beit Sahour USA Organization living ONLY in the USA in case of emergency situations such as critical medical needs, death, or any other emergency that gets approved by the Finance Committee.

Emergency Fund Account

The participation in the emergency fund account is going to be optional and open to the members of the Beit Sahour USA Organization who would like to be contacted when such an emergency situation occurs and a need to collect money to support a member or a family of the Beit Sahour community. On the other hand, to help have some funds available now in the Emergency Fund Account, the following options are recommended:

  1. Create an Emergency Fund Group and ask the members of the Beit Sahour USA Organization who would like to join this group and then have them register for this Emergency Fund Account. Joining the Emergency Fund Group is OPTIONAL. By joining this Emergency Fund Group, this will give the Finance Committee permission to send the Group an email or text when needed.
  2. Donations towards the Emergency Fund Account will be accepted at any time in order to help in establishing this account.
  3. The Emergency Fund Group led by the Finance Committee will be holding certain activities during the year such as raffle, fund raising, etc. to help collect more money for the Emergency Fund Account.

Emergency Fund Usage

The following criteria will be used in the decision making process when financial support is going to be made to any member or a family of the Beit Sahour community living ONLY in the USA:

  1. Any Board Member can submit to the Executive Committee of the Beit Sahour USA Organization, the name of the member or the family from the Beit Sahour community that is in critical need for a one-time financial support in case of an emergency situation (Medical or Death).
  2. The Executive Committee will hold an emergency meeting per the request of that Board Member who is going to discuss this matter with the committee and explain why this situation is indeed critical and needs financial support from the Beit Sahour USA Organization “Emergency Fund Account”.
  3. The Finance Committee will submit their recommendation to the Executive Committee “after a thorough review of the emergency situation” to support or not support that member or that family based on the facts that were presented by that Board Member.
  4. The Finance Committee will also decide on the exact amount of the funds to be disbursed based on the facts that were presented for this emergency situation.
  5. The funds for the financial support to that member or family of the Beit Sahour community will be disbursed immediately from the Emergency Fund Account per the direction of the Finance Committee.

Please use the form below to join the emergency fund group