Dr. Bashar Qumseya advice about Covid 19 Vaccine

Dr. Bashar Qumseya talking about COVID-19 and the vaccine! He provided a great advice about the vaccine benefits and sent a direct message to the Sahouri people in the US and in Beit Sahour.    

Disorders Caused by The Corona Virus led by Dr. Elia Awwad

Dr. Elia Awwad led a very informative webinar to discuss the disorders caused by the Corona virus on kids and adults. Dr. Awwad has a doctorate degree in Psychology and earned many certification in clinical mental health counseling. You can watch the workshop below

Youth Leadership

A great Workshop led by Dr. Mazen Badra titled “Youth Leadership- Being Authentic”. The workshop aimed to teach our young adults some tools and skills to how to become a successful leader.    

Ask Your Accountant

We had a great webinar led by Mr.Fadi Rishmawi, Mr.Saher Helal and Mr.Issa Ishaq to answer questions about the tax season and the stimulus plan.