Youth of Shabab Al Nakhwa (شباب النخوه)

‏تأسست مجموعة شباب النخوة في نوڤمبر من العام 2020، وتجاوز مجموع المساعدات الانسانية التي قدمتها المجموعة ال 75,000 دولار فهل ترغب أن تكون جزءًا من هذا العمل الأنساني؟ هل ترغب أن تكون شريكنا في العام 2023؟ هل ترغب بأن تشارك في وضع المسحة على جبين المريض في أرض المسيح؟ هل ترغب أن تشارك في صناعة الفرح؟ اذا .. انضم إلى شباب النخوة لتقول مع المسيح: قم، احمل سريرك وامشي.

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Sixty young men living in the United States make peace and happiness in the Holy Land by buying medications and covering treatment and surgery costs for parents, brothers, and children. Our brothers who lost cheer, and those who seek health care.. Sixty magnanimous young men from the town of the Shepherds, have made 25 Sahourian families living both in Beit sahour and in America smile. Since 2020 , our youth of Shabab Al Nakhwa have already donated more than $75000 dollars to provide treatment and medicine for about 25 patients. Would you like to be part of this humanitarian aid? Would you like to be our partner in 2023? Do you wish to help anoint the forehead of the sick in the land of Christ? Would you like to join this group in bringing cheer and happiness to the sick? If so , join our group of Shabab Al Nakhwa so that you can say to the sick like what once Jesus said : Arise, take up your bed and walk. The Youth of Shabab Al Nakhwa group was established in November of the year 2020, and their support has already exceeded $75000 in humanitarian aid .

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